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Flying Sites


A colonial town with a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. with a lot of cultural activities, restaurants, bars, live music, a place to enjoy. Located 2 hrs. from Lake Atitlán and 1 ½ hr. from the pacific coast.

Flying Sites Antigua

"Volcano Acatenango" A big adventure Flight, make an XC or a long sled ride (over an hour) from 12,000ft to the coast. The road doesn't go all the way to the take-off, a one-hour walk is necessary; carriers will take the equipment to the Take-off. For this flight is a charge of $300 extra.
We stay in Antigua the night before, left the hotel at 6am, then 1 1/2 hours driving and 1-hour walking. We can take breakfast at the hotel before leaving, 5:30 am or take it to eat at the volcano.
Takeoff can be between 10 am and 4 pm, the landing is possible anywhere on the edge of a Road, hundred flat land acres to landing.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach, we can move to another flight site or stay there to fly towing.

"Tiro Sol Chimaltenango" 45 min from Antigua, soaring and strong thermals.

"Palin" one hour from Antigua, takeoff 5,000 feet above sea level 9 Kms. To flat lands and 58 Kms. to the Pacific Ocean with back wind and good thermals.

"Santa Elena Barillas" (north wind) one hour from Antigua With inter-tropical convergence. Altitudes of 10,000 ft and more can easily be reached. Soaring and thermals, XC-potential

"Santa Elena Barillas" (south wind): one hour from Antigua good thermal over Santa Rosa Valley beside the 9000 feet  Pacaya volcano

"La Serra": 1 hour.  from Antigua, with good soaring and thermals over a very dry sugar cane fields with an immense landing area. XC- potential.

Some Alternative Activities Before or After fly and
for Accompanying Persons Who Doesn´t Fly

- Hang around the town..
- Visiting the colonial churches, museums,… by bike or on foot.
- Renting bikes, Motorcycles.
- Spanish or salsa dance lessons.
- Cultural & fine arts.
- Café plantation & Orchids.
- Hang around the town..
- Visiting the colonial churches, museums,… by bike or on foot.
- Renting bikes, Motorcycles,
- Spanish or salsa dance lessons

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