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Flying Sites

Flying Sites

A perfect place for easy and smooth flights with soaring, thermals and soft winds during landing. There are three South wind ramps and one north wind ramp at altitudes from 6,550 to 6,800 ft and two official landing fields at 4,900 ft altitude, one on the public beach and the other at Jaibal.

The lake is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes with altitudes of up to 11,666ft.

Panajachel is a little village on the edge of Lake Atitlan. This tourist place will be our main station from where we start our trip to other places which are about 1 to 3 hours away from there.

Alternative activities to do in Atitlán:

- Chichicastenango market.
- Water-ski, kayaking, scuba diving.
- Hanging on around the town.
- Going to the beach and swimming or sunbathing.
- Visit the villages around the lake; by bike, boat or on foot.
- Renting bikes, surf boards, water-skis or kayaks.
- Sailboat.
- Spanish or salsa dance lessons.

To Atitlan Flying Sites in Google Earth

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